Join the After School Kids' Club Wait List

Fill out the form below to request to add your child to the wait list. Your request will be finalized and your child will be added to this wait list once the wait list fee has been received.

PACCC’s wait list fee is $50 per child, per age group, and is non-refundable.
$50 per child to be added to the Infant-Toddler wait list(s)
$50 per child to be added to the Preschool wait list(s)
$50 per child to be added to the After School Kids’ Club wait list(s)

The wait list fee can be paid with PayPal, cash or check. The PayPal button and more wait list fee information can be found on the Fees, Waitlist & Enrollment page.

If you are eligible and apply for financial aid, the wait list fee will be waived. Review funding criteria and income guidelines, and download the financial aid application on the Financial Aid page.

After School Kids' Clubs only: Children may not be added to the wait list more than one year in advance of the desired start date.

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