The work of PACCC benefits greatly from the financial support of numerous local individuals and organizations. As a community leader in Palo Alto, PACCC partners with families, and regional agencies to provide and advocate for exceptional and accessible childhood care and education from infancy to adolescence for over 800 children each year. PACCC does this by working to make quality care accessible to families at all income levels; partnering with parents to strengthen families so that each child is supported in their growth; promoting agency policies that ensure fiscal responsibility, organizational sustainability and growth; collaborating with child care professionals, local and regional agencies, businesses, organizations, and individuals; and elevating the social value and quality of childhood care and education by fostering an atmosphere of professionalism within the field and advocating for teacher education, salaries and benefits.

We believe every child deserves access to education.  The Family Partnership Program is in an integral part of PACCC’s Vision, Mission, and Values. It provides eligible families in need the necessary subsidy resources to enroll their children in PACCC’s quality child care and educational programs. PACCC operates the Family Partnership Program, which leverages funding from the City of Palo Alto, the State of California (in partnership with the Palo Alto Unified School District) and its own fundraising efforts to improve outcomes for children and families.

PACCC dedicates every generous gift to the children enrolled, provides professional development of our valued educators and enhancements at each of our child care centers and work spaces used by educators. Improvements to the environments and curriculum include sensory activities, literature and reading environments, dramatic play, manipulatives, renovations to learning spaces, teacher areas, and more.