Project Cornerstone Monthly Assets

September 2nd, 2021

September Monthly Assest | Parent Involvement in School

Research shows that youth whose parents are actively involved in their schooling are more engaged in school. Students are less likely to be delinquent or drop out, and more likely to achieve higher grades and standardized test scores. Studies show that students from poor families whose parents are highly involved with their education do about as well as students from wealthier families.

Joyce Epstein of the National Network of Partnership Schools developed a framework for understanding six different kinds of parent involvement:

1. Parenting: Families establish home environments that support children’s learning

2. Communicating: Families and schools engage in effective two-way communications about student expectations and progress

3. Volunteering: Parents directly support the classroom or school

4. Learning at Home: Families help students with homework and school-related decision making and planning

5. Decision Making: Parents are involved in school decisions

6. Community Collaboration: Community services are resources integrated to strengthen schools and families


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