PACCC’s Board of Directors is a fundamental part of our organization and integral to our non-profit operations. PACCC’s board is comprised of volunteers who are involved in the community and deeply committed to the needs of children and families. The board positions itself as an invaluable resource with diverse expertise that governs and supports our organization to reflect the interests of various stakeholder groups through its oversight of our organization’s direction, management and ongoing performance.


Board Roles and Responsibilities

Board of Directors

  • Determine and affirm PACCC’s mission and board policies.
  • Select the Executive Director.
  • Support the Executive Director. Monitor and evaluate his/her performance.
  • Approve personnel, fiscal and other management policies, as appropriate.
  • Ensure effective strategic planning.
  • Ensure that PACCC and the Board implement a sound Marketing, Development and Community Outreach plan.
  • Ensure a realistic budget that maximizes the use of resources.
  • Ensure the adequacy and efficient deployment of financial resources.
  • Ensure PACCC is effective in designing and delivering programs and services.
  • Enhance PACCC’s image among its current and prospective stakeholders.
  • Ensure that PACCC complies with laws and regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations.
  • Assess the Board’s own performance and take action as necessary.

Individual Board Members

  • Be familiar with PACCC’s vision, mission, policies, programs, bylaws, and services.
  • Be an advocate for PACCC within the community.
  • Prepare for, attend and participate in Board and Committee meetings.
  • Read and understand PACCC’s financial statements and advise on
    financial performance and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Provide financial support at a level that is personally meaningful and consistent with one’s involvement with other charitable organizations.
  • Assist with fundraising by participating in donor stewardship program, recruiting new donors and participating in outreach activities to maintain relationships with the financial supporters of PACCC.
  • Suggest additional nominees to the Board.
  • Participate on one or more Board committees.

Ex-Officio Board Members

Representatives from the Palo Alto City Council and Palo Alto Unified School District act as ex-officio members of the Board of Directors. They are invited and may attend meetings, but do not have voting privileges. A liaison’s primary role is to advise and serve as a communication link between PACCC and the organization they represent.


Board Chair
Nancy Shepherd
Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Chair Elect
Rachel Samoff
Early Education Consultant

Raju Parikh
Benefits Program Manager, Family and Community Programs, Facebook

Bob Shaw with Lanie Wheeler
Active Retirees

Directors at Large

Susan Allen
Director, Worldwide Deals Desk, Proofpoint, Inc.

Kimberly Bausback
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

Lavinia Branden
Account Services Manager, Rapid Displays; Proprietor, Studio Kicks Palo Alto

Terrence Chun
Senior Client Advisor, Bessemer Trust Company

Karen Friedland-Brown
Parenting Consultant, Former Director of Parents Place

Olivia Lau
Product Analyst, Google

Catherine Magill
Native Garden Coach

Hilary McDaniel
Teacher, Palo Alto High School

Daniel Moore
Hardware Analytics and Insights Leadership, Facebook

Karna Nisewaner
VP & Deputy General Counsel, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Carlos Santamaria
AVP/Associate Relationship Manager, Presidio Bank

Gina Signorello
General Counsel, Jumio Corporation

Alison Stephens
Marketing Specialist, Cooley LLP

Lanie Wheeler
Bookkeeper, Ecumenical Hunger Program; Former PACCC CFO