Finding the best care for your child can be challenging. There are many options out there, you have many questions, and there is nothing more valuable and unique than your child.

PACCC recommends that you check out different program options via our website and phone interviews. Visit the programs that seem to be the best fit for your family.  We also recommend bringing your child with you on the visit to see how he/she responds.

When you do your research, here are some basic questions to ask every provider.

Is the facility licensed?

Ask to see the center license.

What PACCC offers: All PACCC centers are licensed by the State of California, Community Care Licensing.

Are there enough teachers to supervise the children?

Check the center ratios. State required ratios are:

  • 0-2 years: 1 teacher per 4 children
  • 2 years-entering kindergarten: 1 teacher per 12 children
  • School age: 1 teacher per 14 children

What PACCC offers: All PACCC centers meet the required state ratios. 

Do the teachers have training in child development?

Ask the director to share with you the qualifications of the teachers.

What PACCC offers: All of PACCC’s teachers meet or exceed required coursework in child development. Many teachers have degrees in child development or a related field.

Do teachers respond and talk to all children in a positive, warm, understanding way?

Observe the interactions between children and teachers.

What PACCC offers: Our teachers are patient and kind individuals who understand that children respond best to positive communication and that learning occurs during daily conversations.

How long have the staff members been in the program?

Ask the director about the longevity of program staff.

What PACCC offers: More than 50% of our teachers have been with PACCC for 5 years or more. Our center administrators have been with PACCC for an average of 11 years. PACCC provides excellent benefits and training for staff, which leads to a very low turnover rate.

Does the daily routine meet the needs of your child?

Ask the director for a copy of the daily schedule. Also ask what happens when a child’s needs differ from the published schedule.

What PACCC offers: PACCC programs offer a balanced schedule for the child’s day, including indoor/outdoor play and teacher-directed/child-directed experiences. Daily schedules provide enough flexibility to meet the individual needs of the children.

Are the children read to and talked to?

Observe, during your center tour, the amount of books available and if there are frequent discussions between children and teachers. Ask how teachers support literacy and language development.

What PACCC offers: Literacy and language are a valuable and educational part of each child’s day. PACCC programs focus on language interactions and provide ample opportunity for children to read and be read to daily.

Is the facility safe, clean and free of health hazards? Is the equipment in good condition?

Check the center environment for any health or safety concerns.

What PACCC offers: PACCC staff monitors all centers on an ongoing basis to ensure the facilities are safe and in good condition.

Are parents welcome in the center at any time?

Ask the director how parents can be involved in the program and if parents are allowed to visit during the day.

What PACCC offers: Parents are welcome to visit their PACCC center during center hours and are often invited to share special celebrations with their child(ren).