Board Member Highlight | Elliott Wright

January 22nd, 2024

Elliot Wright - Board Highlight

Elliott Wright has spent his life focused on equity in experiential education and philanthropy to protect the rivers, lakes, wetlands, oceans, and forests that sustain all life and allow a stable climate. He works locally and globally on education, climate justice, nature protection, and youth development. Growing up on native land of the Jemez people in New Mexico, Elliott explored regenerative systems between people and nature, and began a journey to understand the intersectionality of race, gender, ableism, and justice as keys to scale the environmental movement. After graduating from a nonprofit management fellowship with El Pomar Foundation, and receiving a Biology degree from Bowdoin College, pursuing a masters in public health, Elliott began his career in education and conservation in 2007. Since then Elliott has worked locally and globally to scale solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis at a variety of organizations. Elliott serves as Executive Director at Hidden Villa leading a team of 39 and a budget of $5M to provide exceptional and equitable experiences for all ages in nature. He believes strongly that a thoughtful, culturally relevant, enthusiastically-designed and passionately executed program can be life-changing and life-affirming. Elliott loves trail running, triathlons, climbing, playing guitar, baking bread and laughing with his family and friends.

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