Board Member Highlight | Olivia Lau

October 15th, 2023

Olivia Lau

Olivia Lau is a life-long Californian. Raised in the public schools and public afterschool programs of San Francisco, she has first-hand experience with organizations like PACCC and their vital importance for working families: PACCC provides parents with trusted teachers in a safe environment, and provides kids with an outlet for creativity, physical activity, and general fun. Olivia’s daughter attends Addison Elementary and AKC, and may have been registered for the AKC waitlist at birth.

After undergraduate at Stanford, Olivia completed a Master’s in Statistics and PhD in Government at Harvard University. She worked in public health policy at the Food and Drug Administration before returning home to California to start a family. She currently works at Google as a staff product analyst, and serves as Secretary for the PACCC Board of Directors.

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