Board Member Highlight | Lanie Wheeler

September 15th, 2023

Lanie Wheeler joined the PACCC Board in 2021. As a previous employee of PACCC and long-time community volunteer, she understands the essential role of the Board in a community-based non-profit. In her role as a PACCC Board Member, Lanie is committed to ensuring that PACCC continues to be a sustainable community-based non-profit where children thrive, educators are valued, and families are supported. She believes in the importance of seeing that all children, no matter their family background or socio-economic status, get the best start in life. Over the years, Lanie has observed the difference that PACCC programs have made in the lives of the children it has served. She has also had the unique experience of working alongside many of PACCC's outstanding staff members, many of whom have grown into leadership roles within the agency and who are dedicated to its long term success.

Lanie also advocates for children as a member of the Palo Alto Kiwanis Club, which "adopted" PACCC in 1995 and has since provided both monetary and hands-on support. In addition to making annual financial contributions, Kiwanis has helped by building playgrounds, constructing fences, erecting sunshades, refurbishing a kitchen, and providing painting crews which, in turn, have saved PACCC thousands of dollars in repair expenses. As one who is mindful of the delicate balance between the cost of care for parents, the need to compensate staff fairly, and the desire of this community to provide a quality experience for their children, Lanie is anxious to find community connections that can help PACCC utilize its fiscal resources wisely. Being a local community-based organization helps us tremendously to tap into the myriad of resources that exist to help us achieve that balance and Lanie is eager to participate in that effort.

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